Distinctively Different Plants!

Amongst the various plant brand leaders in the Anthony Tesselaar stable is the Rock and Roll® Alstroemeria.

Its variegated foliage is striking enough but this is upstaged when it comes into flower. The effect  is astonishing.

Rock and Roll® Alstroemeria is a completely different plant. The new young foliage surprises you with its perfect rosette shape that first starts off with a soft cream quickly turning to white,  all the while framed by  a rich green edge.  Rich pink red flowers then appear above this startling foliage.   

The plant is at home in either full or part sun in the garden. 




'Wow Factor'

This comment is often used in the plant sector but in this case is more than appropriate. It's appearance plantcreates a genuine feeling of exhilaration. Rock and Roll® Alstroemeria is an attractive plant even without flowers which creates an extended window for retail sales.

Young plugs of these plants are available from either Rijnbeek & Son and All Plants who are the grower/distributors of these young plants in Europe. These plants are all produced in Tissue-Culture which and ensures stable rooting and growing for production in the greenhouse.

Long Flowering Season

Anthony Tesselaar continues… “From experience in our major trial gardens, it shows attributes of day length neutral capability. We have seen this plant in full colour and flower during summer, autumn and even in our mild winters of around  5-10 deg C! It's not very often one could say the foliage of Alstroemeria is a show piece in its own right, but Rock & Roll®  does have this attraction.”

Patented Product

Tesselaar Plants continue to introduce distinctively different plants! Visit their stand (67) at Plantarium from August 23-26. Amongst the various plant brand leaders in the Anthony Tesselaar stable is the Rock and Roll®