Examining the beauty of Forest Garden’s new Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse

A standard greenhouse has its usual functions, from storing growing bags and tools to growing produce and displaying beautiful flowers. 

Yet looking at the current options available in this market, gardeners have the usual metal, wooden or plastic-style greenhouses at their fingertips, but none have the flexibility to access inside from all sides.  

Forest Garden has the solution which does this and more - introducing the beautifully crafted Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse. 

This beautifully crafted greenhouse is the most innovative product on the market, with its practical qualities as well as it being visually stunning. 

Keen gardeners restricted with space in the garden, will also be able to benefit from this design as access inside is possible easily through all of its four doors. The only thing which requires a personal touch is the inside, which can be reconfigured to suit personal plants in all sizes, making it truly unique.  

For those gardeners wanting to customise their greenhouse, the structure can be painted once purchased, giving added flexibility. The acrylic glazed windows have been made with a protective film, meaning messy painting isn’t a problem – simply paint the framework, assemble using theExamining the beauty of Forest Garden’s new Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse easy to follow instructions and then peel the film off. The greenhouse also has a smooth-planed finish, giving it a sleek, seamless appearance.

The roof of the greenhouse has two windows which can be opened manually to regulate temperature, but gardeners can also upgrade and have an auto vent fitted to control the windows automatically.

The greenhouse itself is light in weight, can be easily self-assembled and is pressure treated, giving it a 15-year guarantee against rot and fungal decay.

All Forest Garden products are available to view online and buy nationwide from high street multiples and garden centres.