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Bio Green Polytunnel

The Super Dome Polytunnel from Bio Green will extend the average growing season by as much as two months as it offers protection against frost and strong sun as well as garden pests.

The German designed Super Polytunnel is made with a heavy duty transparent 90g/m2 polythene ensuring frost protection early in the season. In the summer tender plants are protected from strong sun by shading material sown in to the fabric.

Gardener at Provender Nurseries

Garden Connect has renewed the webshop of wholesaler Provender  Nurseries. Provender has an 18-acre site in Kent and is working solely for wholesale customers. Garden Connect has built a new webshop for trade customers to place orders. The new webshop is integrated with the TopSys-IT ERP system.

Provender Nurseries has been using a webshop for years: "We're growing fast and our customers really like to have all the information about availability, our stock range and pricing, available 24/7. Our previous webshop was outdated and not integrated with our TopSys ERP so it was a time-consuming process to update it." explains MD Richard McKenna.  

DJ Turfcare’s MO Bacter

Lawncare is a breeze with DJ Turfcare’s MO Bacter – the innovative organic lawn fertiliser that effortlessly tackles moss and banishes labour-intensive scarifying

Flick through the pages of gardening magazines at this time of year and chances are they’ll feature a step-by-step guide on getting lawns into shape. While some lawncare products have evolved beyond recognition in recent years, gardeners are still being advised to kill moss with sulphate of iron, then set about ripping dead moss from grass via the back-breaking process of scarification or hand raking.

Not only is this route to a greener lawn labour intensive, in an era when consumers are demanding easy and chemical-free gardening solutions, but it’s also unnecessary. Sulphate of iron turns moss black, which can make lawns look unsightly. If applied without care, it can damage border plants and stain patios and garden furniture. And that’s before the mammoth task of grabbing a lawn rake and pulling dead moss from the turf which, if carried out before the moss is completely dead, you can actually spread moss spores and make the situation worse as sulphate of iron is only a contact killer.

Two ladies shopping at Glee

As the leading trade show for the garden and outdoor leisure sector, Glee is a key date in the calendar. With just five months to go until the doors open on the 2019 event (10th – 12th September, NEC Birmingham), the show’s organisers confirm that this year’s exhibition will be a bigger and more vibrant showcase of the best the industry has to offer.

Glee prides itself on delivering a format for business growth, be that through locating new product innovation, sourcing new supply partners or simply through unrivalled networking and educational opportunities. The 2019 show will continue to build on this success, with the richest selection of content available at any garden retail exhibition. 

Each year the show delivers in excess of 7,000 UK and international visitors, with a strong focus on senior level management and decision makers. At the 2018 event, over 60% of visitors had direct purchasing power, and over 70% placed orders either at the show, or post-event. This level of purchasing power is expected to increase as garden retailers continue to find a point of difference for their product offering ahead of the 2020 season.

Making a Spinach Smoothie

Haskins Garden Centre is encouraging gardeners to make the most of their homegrown spinach with a revitalizing and nutritious smoothie.

Alasdair Urquhart, Haskins’ in-house plant expert, commented: “Spinach is brilliant at surviving the winter and bouncing back in April. It’s one of those plants that you can keep picking a handful of leaves and within a week or so there will be new ones to re-harvest.”

“Even if you haven’t had time to grow your own spinach, you can still follow our step-by-step recipe.”

Ingredients (serves one)

  • 2 handfuls of spinach leaves
  • 1 banana
  • 1 apple
  • 1 orange
  • water as needed
Henry Bell packet of Wild Bird Care feed

Henry Bell & Co, the family-owned and leading quality animal feed producer announces the release of its own brand: Henry Bell Wild Bird Care.

Henry Bell has over 20 years’ experience in the bird food industry and has been pivotal in the growth of many private label wild bird food brands. The company has now combined its strong expertise and knowledge to launch its own high-quality range of products specially designed to provide health and wellbeing for wild birds.

The National Garden Scheme logo

Defra Minister Lord Gardiner has today formally launched the National Garden Scheme for 2019, with more than 3,500 private gardens opening their gates to visitors every week to the end of October.

Now in its 92nd year, the National Garden Scheme opens thousands of beautiful privately-owned gardens for charity, ranging from impressive country houses to inner-city green spaces, community allotments, hospices and school gardens

gardening book cover - Plant, Sow, Make & Grow

As parents everywhere get to the garden centre and find themselves playing seed pick-n-mix with their children, they all look exciting and totally growable on the rack, but then they get home and think “now what do we do?” It’s not an experience that tempts customers back the following year.

With Plant, Sow, Make & Grow placed strategically near the seeds section, you can deliver to the customer not only the seeds or plug plants they might have left with but also the information and exciting activities to encourage them to purchase with confidence all they need for successful growing with their child and therefore every reason to return.

garden crimes to avoid this spring

British gardeners have been warned of seven crimes they could be committing in their backyards and how to avoid them.

Outdoor experts have revealed common criminal offences green-fingered Brits might be unwittingly committing and offered advice on how to steer clear of any legal hot water in the garden.

With the weather improving and spring on the way, the warning has been issued so gardeners can make the most of their backyards without any unnecessary stress.

A spokesman from said: “With many gardeners ready to swing back into action now the worst of the winter weather had passed, we’re encouraging Brits to remember that the law of the land still applies on private property.

Updating your front door 

When considering your project, wood and metal paint can be just as effective as a masonry paint to create an individual and premium style.  To the front of your property a fresh coat of paint for railings, gates, fencing or a front door can immediately impart your style or improve curb appeal.


Painting your front door is an easy and enjoyable task. It is a one-day project that can make the world of different to the appearance of your home with only a little preparation. 


Sandtex Technical Consultant, Matthew Brown, gives a few insightful tips to get great results:


“When painting onto natural wood ensure surface is clean by wiping with a damp cloth soaked in methylated spirit.