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Pro-Z mower from Cub Cadet

When you are looking to update your fleet of commercial mowers – the key things you’ll be considering are performance, durability and operator comfort. Proven by landscape professionals the Cub Cadet’s PRO Z Series of zero-turns will fulfill all your commercial requirements whilst providing a fast, premium quality cut.

The patented SyncroSteer technology with steering wheel means that inexperienced operators can easily use the  steering wheel and dual hydrostatic transmission to control all four wheels, minimising the turf being churned by the wheels as it would on a lap bar zero-turn and ensuring the ultimate manoeuvrability – an exclusive offering in the commercial sector which also reduces mowing time by up to 10% compared to lap bar mowers.

The ability to control all four wheels with a steering wheel and steerable front wheels which sets the PRO Z Series apart from all other zero-turns provides greater hillside stability up to 20° and enhanced traction on uneven terrain as well as mowing in straighter lines.

Dog on Scruffs Moroccan-Influenced Pet Bedding

Manchester-based pet bed manufacturers Scruffs® have revealed a new range of luxury pet

bedding, designed with a Mediterranean theme and vibrant colourways.

A company spokesperson said: “The Scruffs® Casablanca collection is ideal for use duringsummer months. Designed with a Mediterranean theme, the beds are upholstered in a soft breathable poly-cotton fabric and finished with a self-coloured piping & Scruffs® TPR logo. The base of the bed is covered with a non-slip fabric. Available in four vibrant colours; Grey, Mustard, Purple & Blue.”

Rebecca Legg from Haskins Garden Centre & her family whilst completing the virtual marathon

Staff at Haskins Garden Centre in Ferndown complete Virtual Marathon in aid of Faithworks Wessex

Employees working at Haskins in Ferndown have completed a Virtual Marathon by foot, bike or water throughout May, in aid of Faithworks Wessex. In a bid to complete 26 miles each over the course of the month, staff attempted a range of challenges, to include:

  • Kevin Holmes, Outdoor Manager completed a 26 mile static bike ride each week

  • Pauline Oxford, Customer Services Team Leader completed a 10km run each week for 4 weeks

  • Liz Smith, Retail Assistant swam 60 lengths twice a week

  • Simon Hallam, General Manager ran 7 miles to work 4 times throughout the month

  • Stacey Bedingfield, Cash Office Assistant ran 5km twice a week for 4 weeks

  • Marc Etheridge, Assistant General Manager ran 1 mile a day with his daughters for 26 days

  • Jenny Gardner, Customer Service Assistant Team Leader, David Odd, Customer Service Assistant, Hazel Price, Assistant Team Leader Retail, Ashley Ayres, Goods In, Ivan Gill, Goods In and Wendy Atkinson, Retail Assistant all completed 26 miles of walking

GIMA director Vicky Nuttall

On Sunday June 2nd three brave souls from the UK garden retail sector will be taking to the skies to raise £15,000 for the Greenfingers Charity. Here we catch up with one of the ‘wing walkers’, GIMA Director, Vicky Nuttall, to find out more about her FUNdraising journey.

“I’ve recently celebrated a milestone birthday, so I felt it was time to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. The Greenfingers Wing Walk came along at the perfect moment, so I just knew I had to get involved! After all, what is more ‘out of your comfort zone’ than flying across the skies of Wiltshire whilst strapped to the top of an airplane?! Weirdly, I couldn’t jump out of a plane, but standing on one whilst it completes fly-bys, dives and banks feels so much more achievable! The landing is one area I’m trying hard not to think about, as is the acrobatic elements, so I’ll be working to focus on the whole experience rather than individual elements.

“Additionally, I am a proud ambassador for Greenfingers so have been looking for an opportunity to show my continued support of the charity. I’m also a proud Garden Re-Leaf Day Sponsored Walk 100 miler (it’s an exclusive club of three) and over the last five years have raised funds that way, but now just feels like the right time to do something different, and to really throw myself into an exciting challenge.

Spraying a tree with Nemasys

Trees are a majestic and beautiful feature in the garden but when wood boring pests take over, the damage they leave behind can be devastating.

Nemasys Fruit & Veg protection is the best way to protect trees as it controls a variety of pests including; carrot and cabbage root fly, cutworms, onion fly, sciarid fly, caterpillars, gooseberry sawfly, thrips, shore fly and codling moth.

The solution is an organic, child and pet-friendly solution that contains a mix of nematode species - these are naturally occurring microscopic worms that act as a natural pest control. 

Gavin Wood, business development and key account manager for nematodes, gives advice to gardeners on how to apply nematodes on trees.

Nemasys Biological ant deterrent

Ants find their way into homes, under patios, pots and plants, causing a path of devastation wherever they go.

Nemasys No Ants is a fast, effective and organic ant deterrent which moves the ants away from treated areas. It does so without causing physical harm to the pests compared to hazardous sprays or powder.

These nematodes work slightly different from other Nemasys products as they don’t physically kill the ants. When an area is treated, the ants move away from that space as they do not tolerate nematodes near their nests.

It is best to apply Nemasys No Ants when ant activity is visible – whether that’s on top of the lawn or around plant pots. To guarantee the best results for lawns, ensure it is moist and the soil temperature is above 10°C. It’s also important to make sure the lawn and the nests do not dry out for at least two weeks after applying nematodes.

Tetra Pond fish food


For natural, safe pond water for fish. Rapidly and effectively neutralises harmful substances in tap water (heavy metals such as copper, zinc and lead) and aggressive chlorine. Also adds essential substances such as minerals and iodine to the water.


Fast, effective, and safe treatment for green water (suspended algae). Floating algae are bound into biologically degradable clumps that can easily removed by the filter or with a net. Works in a matter of hours.


Supports the reintroduction of live bacteria in the pond after winter (to be used when the water temperatures rise above 10 °C). Includes highly active filter bacteria to combat ammonia and nitrite.

Efficient cleaning bacteria to fight against sediment and decay in the filter.

Serenity Planters and Bowls

Anglo Eastern Tradings Serenity Planter and Bowl Range feature an etched floral design that really does give them a quite distinctively different look and feel. They are available in a range of beautifully contrasting colour combinations that enhance their attractive appearance. Other plus points include they are frost proof, UV fade resistant and score well environmentally being made from 100% recycled plastics. 

The Serenity Planters and Bowls are a real breath of fresh aircommented Nigel Guffogg- Sales Director at  Anglo
Eastern. We are currently offering some great deals on this range and our agents are available to drop in samples to show retailers just how good the Serenity Planters and Bowls really arehe added.

The Serenity Planters are available in 25cm to 41cm sizes and the Serenity Bowls in 30cm and 36cm sizes. They are
in stock and available for delivery now. Carriage paid order £300 ex VAT. National delivery in 3 working days and very
competitive pricing make the Serenity Range a very attractive proposition for the 2019 Summer season.

VegTrug Tomato Greenhouse

VegTrug Ltd have expanded their Greenhouse range with the recent launch of the Tomato Greenhouse, a product specifically designed for growing tomatoes and making the process fuss free, perfect for all gardeners either experienced or inexperienced.

After the success in sales with the original VegTrug Nursery Greenhouse, an individual wooden greenhouse that comes equipped with an excellent quality and long lasting PE cover, there is now an expansion for the range. The Tomato Greenhouse is larger in size, features movable shelving slats that are great for moving around the tomato plant as it grows, a slatted roof designed for tying supports and an innovative large drawer with wheels that can be slid out for planting. It is the perfect solution to growing cordon tomatoes (or any other) vine tomato plants, offering customers simple gardening and optimum quality crops. 

Woodlodge Heritage Garden Pottery Range

Woodlodge has expanded its flagship Heritage Garden range of classic containers, offering retailers additional opportunity to drive sales of pots and containers this spring.

The Heritage Garden line-up, an iconic range with proven sales appeal, is inspired by traditional horticulture and the nation’s love of gardens. It is one of the most instantly recognisable brands of prestigious containers, combining classic design with contemporary style.

Michael Wooldridge, Managing Director at Woodlodge, said: “Garden centres are reporting strong spring sales, with favourable weather over Easter underpinning retailers’ confidence in the season. We know that our flagship Heritage Garden Pottery range is highly regarded by consumers, and expansion of the range for 2019 hands retailers the opportunity to further grow sales, with new lines that appeal to shoppers of all ages.”

Tudor Terracotta Pots sporting the Heritage Garden Pottery logo will up the stakes in terms of sales appeal and ability to clock-up impulse sales. Made from the highest quality clay, Tudor pots offer the potential to create a timeless display in any garden space. Their classy design holds broad appeal across a wide spectrum of customers - from traditional shoppers looking for terracotta to enhance mature gardens, to first-time consumers seeking stylish pots for urban entertaining areas.