INTRODUCING BERTIE! The New, All-in-one Christmas tree stand, manufactured with the tree in mind - Designed and produced in Britain.

The initial concept for Bertie came about following discussions with British Christmas tree growers, who were frustrated by the stability and build quality of existing Christmas tree stands in the marketplace. 

Airflow, a British manufacturer, that focuses on consumer driven innovation, were keen to take on the challenge and solve this problem. 

By involving Christmas tree growers in the design process, we were able to produce a high-quality, well-built product that exceeds the requirements for their trees. 

Bertie Christmas tree standTo achieve this, our in-house CAD design team created numerous 3D printed models and worked with local businesses to develop Bertie. This involved producing several different designs, as well as trialing various plastic material. Having spent 2 years developing Bertie, we have created an Award-Winning Christmas tree stand that goes beyond the needs of our customers. 

In doing so, Airflow has a unique product that can offer the same steady support for 9’ trees as well as 4’ trees, all in one Christmas tree stand. No other Christmas tree stand has this capability. Our product testing showed Bertie performs better than other Christmas tree stands, many of which have a far higher selling price. Bertie was able to hold more water, had greater stability and was easier & quicker to set up. We have designed Bertie to be a one-stand-fits-all kind of product. This means Bertie can be used year after year, becoming a part of your families Christmas traditions.

To make our Christmas tree stand even more noticeable, we wanted to give him a character. Knowing Prince Albert was the first to bring living Christmas trees inside homes in the UK, the name naturally became Bertie. At Airflow, we consider Bertie to be part of our team. 

Click on the link below to watch Bertie’s Product Video and see what makes him “stand” out

Recently, Bertie was unveiled to the public at Glee 2022, where he was awarded Best of British in the New Product Awards and was also shortlisted for the Best Homeware and Gift product. Lionel Huish, Airflow’s Managing Director was quoted as saying “Exhibiting at Glee reinforced our understanding that customers want to sell one product, rather than supply several different sizes of Christmas tree stand, which can prove a major worry when holding seasonal stock”.

Bertie Christmas tree standThe response so far for Bertie has been phenomenal. Many quoted that the quality, value & having one stand can fit all popular tree sizes from 4’ – 9’/1.2M – 2.7M as decisive factors when purchasing.

We have also noticed there is a growing demand for colourful, uplifting products, that are sustainable and favours recyclable materials. Having listened to this, we developed a variety of “Bertie colour suits” to compliment different decors, further adding to Bertie’s character. 

Not only does Bertie have a unique character and name, but he also has a distinctive design too. His adjustable legs can unclip up to 90 degrees, which offers extra support. In addition, the base of the Christmas tree stand is further strengthened with lots of ribbing to increase its rigidity and thus reduces the risk of toppling. The adjustable legs have been designed in a way that means the heavier the tree, the more stable the stand will be.

Meanwhile, the 3 tightening screws are another feature that help to assist in quickly centering and straightening the tree. Bertie is suitable for use with trunks up to a diameter of up to 15cm. Considering the average Christmas tree for most homes is 5’ – 6’ tall with a trunk diameter of 10cm, Bertie far surpasses the parameters of nearly all households and will stabilise and secure your tree without hassle.

During the design process, it was clear that to keep trees fresh throughout the Christmas period, regular watering is essential. As such, we prioritised this and incorporated an easy to fill 4.5lt (1 gallon) water holding reservoir to help the tree to drink and thus reduce needle drop. This helps to ensure that the tree lasts longer and stays healthier. Bertie also has a spill guard around the base to help prevent water leaking onto flooring or carpets. Bertie can be purchased loose or in festive “Bertie Boxes” which are aimed at drawing attention in pop up Christmas stalls, garden centres, or at Christmas tree farms to aid sales. 

Each Bertie Box contains 10 Bertie’s, can be quickly refilled, and is easy to recycle after use.

Bertie’s Suits:

  • Santa - (Red Pot/White Legs) 
  • Elf - (Green Pot/Red Legs) 
  • Posh – (Burgundy Pot/Gold Legs)
  • Jack Frost – (Silver Pot/Black Legs)

Bertie can be used with Christmas trees inside or outside the home and is fully recyclable. 

Airflow is proud to support The British Christmas Tree Growers Association (BCTGA). Many of their growers supply our Award-Winning Christmas tree stand with their freshly cut Christmas trees.

Bertie has a recommended retail price of £19.99

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