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Streetwize Accessories garden accessories

Streetwize marks 34 years of trading with expansion of Gardenwize range

The Ace Supply Company Ltd (trading as Streetwize Accessories), who are now in their 34th year of trading, are expanding their Gardenwize range with the introduction of decorative planters, a new… Full story

red squirrels in the garden

5 ways to attract endangered red squirrels into your garden

The red squirrel population is rapidly declining, but if you're not ready to say goodbye to these beautiful creatures just yet, there are plenty of ways you can encourage them into your outdoor… Full story


Confi®Berries – the new generation of Jostaberries

With the new Confi®Berries from Lubera, the essential characteristics of jostaberries have been decisively improved, growth has been… Full story

New Horizon peat-free compost

Biggest Ever Peat-Free Ad Campaign

Westland Horticulture will launch the biggest ever advertising campaign for peat-free compost this spring, investing £1.5million in a New Horizon™ TV campaign.

Westland’s New Horizon… Full story

Poddy & Black garden footwear

Poddy & Black: the modern woman's answer to stylish garden footwear

Started by sisters Vanessa and Justine in early 2019, Poddy & Black is the modern woman’s answer to stylish garden footwear.  After… Full story

Thermacell Halo Mini turn on over garden

Thermacell – turn it on, midges gone!

Are your Summer days ruined by those pesky mosquitoes and midges?  Enjoy the outdoors and your garden midge free thanks to Thermacell’s Halo Mini. 

Standing at only 16cm tall, the Halo… Full story

Dog eating No-Hide® Chews - a healthy alternative to rawhide

No-Hide® Chews are the first healthy alternative to rawhide

Revolutionary dog chews launched in the UK - No-Hide® Chews are the first healthy alternative to rawhide

Earth Animal’s range of revolutionary dog chews — which are… Full story

Valentine's Day dangers for cats and dogs

Valentine’s Day dangers for cats and dogs

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time of year, when tokens of love are shared by romantic partners and friends alike. Unfortunately, in all the excitement, we can often forget how toxic human treats… Full story

Garden centres – spark a spring gifts spendathon

With Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter all on the horizon, providing retailers with an opportunity to create some fabulous displays, we take a look at some stand-out pieces on the market.… Full story

Emma Bryan Greeting Cards

Emma Bryan Greeting Cards

Emma Bryan is an independent greeting card publisher supplying contemporary paper goods to businesses around the world.  Emma’s hand-painted illustrations and distinctive colour palette are at the… Full story

Deko-Pak Nestbox for National Nestbox Week

Get ready for National Nestbox Week with Deco-Pak

The BTO’s National Nestbox Week, a highlight of the ornithology calendar, returns on February 14th – 21st February and leading garden decoration specialist,… Full story

Henry Bell new nest box for national nest box week

Henry Bell celebrates National Nest Box Week


Ahead of National Nest Box Week (14–21… Full story

Resolva Weed Preventer - 100% natural weed prevention

100% natural weed prevention product launched in UK

Gardeners in the UK can now manage weeds in an organic, natural way with the launch of an innovative new weed prevention product from Westland. 

‘Resolva Weed Preventer’ is a first in the… Full story

Hawkesmill Nurseries Two & Three Litre Perennials

Hawkesmill Nurseries - 2 & 3 Litre Perennials available all year!

The Hawkesmill Nurseries team have created an extensive collection of over 1500 varieties that appeal for all seasons.  Now available all year round in 2 and 3-litre pots, these are presented with… Full story

artificial grass samples

The Real Horror Story Behind Artificial Grass

Why would anyone replace a key sustainable component of our living environment with a coal and oil-derived product, one of only limited life span and almost impossible to recycle? When the entire… Full story