Exclusively 2019 all set to showcase housewares and gifts

The final thrust for the 2019 shows is in full swing as the days count down to Exclusively 2019. With over 150 exhibitors, not only do we have more housewares and gifts exhibitors than at any other UK show, we can now delve deeper into the star-studded line-up and highlight what visitors can expect to see.

A big trend that is emerging is that of exhibitor’s products with eco credentials.  25% of our exhibitors are showcasing products with eco credentials, including Eddingtons, Huski, Smidge, Neat Ideas and Dexam with qualities stated as biodegrageable, earth-friendly, minimal impact on the environment and made with recycled materials.

The event takes place at the Business Design Centre, London, on 11-12 June.

One in five exhibitors selecting the categories for hydration and food on the go.  There’s a real demand for these products as consumers search for products to reduce single-use plastics and the waste association with “disposable” paper cups from in coffee shops.  Food on the go containers continue to offer more attributes from cooling to dividers and inclusive cutlery, but also check out the alternatives for cling film and Roll’eat from Auteur, Eddingtons and Charles Viancin.  When it comes to hydration, differentiation is coming from materials they are made from, how easy they are to clean, and biodegradability and of course colour and styling.

A trump card may be Soda Stream. Their star product is their “My only bottle” which enables you to make and take your sparkling water with you (or your preferred fizzy drink), it’s also dishwasher safe and UV resistant. Exclusively Housewares - First Dates' Cici Coleman checks out the show where gifts, cookware and housewares are showcased

A few names highlighting hydration are Grunwerg, Thermos, Aydya, Kambukka and Auteur but with so many in the section its worth a visit to the Exhibitors section website exclusvelyshows.co.uk and a category search.

As in past years, the heart of the business carried out at Exclusively Shows remains that of housewares, tabletop and small domestic appliances. Let’s add some details:

  • 1 in 3 stands will have Bakeware.

  • Over 40% of exhibitors will have Cookware.

  • 30 exhibitors are offering Small domestic Appliances, with the bulk of these being in Exclusively Electrical

Other key areas include:

  • Cleaning and storage are popular categories, we believe the rise of Influences on the likes of Instagram are fuelling the growth.

  • Reflecting a trend of cookshops to included homewares, nearly a 1/3rd of our exhibitors are offering home accessories.

  • And finally, as housewares are so often given as gifts, in the region of a 1/3rd of our exhibitors showcasing gifting products.

Exclusively shows simply has it all plus our 32 new exhibitors which will bring a new dynamic to many of these sections.

It’s also good news for British manufacturing, as this year 20 exhibitors are manufacturing products in the UK. Names to look out for include, What More, Denby, Taylor Eye Witness, Arthur Price and Pendeford.   

To find out more about the names behind the numbers and details of the products the exhibitor are showcasing – please visit the website exclusivelyshows.co.uk  Select 2019 exhibitors and search by category. The details will also be in the catalogue which you will be able to collect at the show.