Creative Gardening Storage Tips

A gardener’s shed can often get very cluttered with tools, plant posts and other gardening essentials. Filplastic have teamed up with Two Thirsty Gardeners to collate the best storage tips for every gardener. 


Creative use of jam jars to store your seedsjam jars


Do you ever find that your seeds have been nibbled on by those pesky mice? Rich, from Two Thirsty Gardeners, has the perfect solution! “Screwing the lid of a jam jar to the underside of a shelf before screwing the jar back on, will provide a handy, mouse-proof receptacle for storing your precious plant seeds and free up valuable shelf space above”. 





Keeping the tools you use most, close


To avoid injury when fighting your way through your shed to get tools, Nick from Two Thirty Gardeners shared his solution. “Always keep the tools you use most, closest to the shed door. That way, you won’t have to fight your way past mowers and wheelbarrows the next time you need a trowel”. 



Sturdy shelvingshelming

Filplastic manufacture and retail a handy shelving unit. The Vented Plastic Shelving Unit is ideal for use within sheds, garages and greenhouses. The plastic Shelving Bay comes with five ventilated shelves, each being able to withstand 70KG. The sturdy shelves offer the perfect storage space for any of your everyday gardening essentials, pots, plant food, grass seed and handheld power tools. 

Two Thirsty Gardeners made use of their Vented Plastic Shelving Unit by racking their ciders and wines, storing boots and garden tools.


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The Vented Plastic Shelving Unit is available in 3 sizes, and can be purchased from The only colour this can be purchased in is Black, which is a versatile colour and can fit into almost any situation.