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Gardens are a stimulating, peaceful outdoor environment for those with dementia

When residents at Green Park Care Home in Warrington visited Bents Garden Centre recently, they thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to smell the roses and take in the brilliantly coloured lupins.

The trip was organised at the request of one of the care home’s residents, Dorothy, who recalled visiting there previously and not being able to go as regularly as she once had since moving to the home. This shows how important getting out and about is for someone living with dementia.

Mona Leafa Created To Inspire Brits To Make Their Gardens A Work Of Art

A giant outdoor artwork created with a leaf blower and thousands of fallen autumn leaves has been unveiled today by leading home improvement and garden living retailer, B&Q.

The 15m long natural replica of the famous Mona Lisa painting was created by artist Nathan Wyburn using clusters of brown, red and purple leaves, to inspire the public to make their outdoor spaces a work of art and start the autumn tidy up.