So Which New Plants Really Stand Out?

Amongst the many new plant novelties we see on the circuit, often some of them are not that great, just new! They can be almost identical to what is currently on the market and in reality, some should not really see the light of the day!


If we are to expand the plant and garden market, we must be quite selective when introducing new products and understanding that ultimately its the consumer that keeps us in business.

We would not produce a new car that is poor on fuel consumption, only has a reverse gear, and runs on square tyres!  In today’s sophisticated times, these would not sell.  Just how many plants have been introduced as novelties without full consideration to their long-term future and also the demands of our clients?

Ruthless Streakperfume princess

Tesselaar Plants are ruthless in looking for plants that are both distinctively different and exceptionally good and this is just the start! Their plant trials can take up to 5 years in both different climates and throughout various seasons.

Finding a new plant is difficult but it is this that makes it so interesting, both for Tesselaar as a company and also the consumer. Seeking a product that will help expand the market is key to their research and they have been very successful over a 25 year period at sourcing just these.

Perfume Princess Daphne

One such plant has been Perfume Princess Daphne.  This features two different types of daphne,  d. Odora which is rather finicky but grown for its rich perfume plus the tricky one to grow d. bholua known for its rich flowering and winter hardiness. (Jacqueline Postill is a cultivar of d. bholua)

This breakthrough in breeding brought the best of both types into one.  Perfume Princess has a rich scented perfume of Odora but with the beautiful citrus undertones of  d. bholua and longer flowering season with larger blooms.

plant of the yearPlant of the Year

It is capable of growing in full sun (In Tesselaar’s trial gardens up to 40 deg C in full sun and also outside in the hot and humid state of Alabama in the USA). Perfume Princess Daphne is both quick to grow (in almost most soils) and flower and more tolerant of most daphne growing conditions.  

This plant as already proved its merits as a consumer favourite as it has won the Plant of the Year in Australia.