Smart New Retail Carton for CastClear® 


CastClear® is a proven combination of both organic and unique nutrient materials large and small. It's the solution to lawn worm cast problems and has been selling in Garden Centres since the autumn of 2011 via 350 retail stockists. To enhance further retail sales CastClear® is rolling out a smart new retail carton into the garden retail sector this autumn.


Attractively packaged

The sizes of 250ml, 500ml and 1,000ml are displayed as an attractive mix and have boosted sales to  CastClear®consumers. As POS (Point of Sale) becomes even more critical, this attractively packaged product really stands out on the shelves! The peak selling period for CastClear® is August to April but it does sell all year round on the product shelves. CastClear® compliments and enhances any lawn care display and will increase your sales so why not stock CastClear® now?


10,000 Litres

M.D. Mike Seaton confirms that sales of CastClear® are now well in excess of 10,000 litres. It's both a worm suppressant and a deterrent and is proven to control casts on both lawns and sports turf. It is unique in using a surfactant system that retains the nutrient in the upper soil structure where it remains to form a barrier which the earthworms do not like to pass through. This provides both a persistent and deterrent effect until breaking down to natural nutrients absorbed by the plant roots.


If you are a garden retail outlet, servicing gardeners with lawns, then you should be stocking CastClear® as they will all have a lawn worm cast problem.  


More details can be found at where consumers can quickly locate their nearest stockist. Call 0871 234 3480 or email for further details.