Neat Ideas “Everything to gain, nothing to lose”

The original in-store media company “Neat Ideas” offer a range of inspirational kitchen, garden, housewares & DIY products.


Everything we do, from selecting innovative quality products, to our packaging design and smart in-store media, is designed to ensure maximised sales.

With our in-store media and promotional approach, we ensure that our products offer more profit per square foot.

  • We offer Sale or Return (so retailers never have to reduce prices to clear stock)
  • No quibble returns policy
  • Targeted promotional periods – (8-12 weeks)
  • Regular changeover of stock keeps products fresh and new to the customer
Neat Ideas

Why should you chose in-store media?

  • Lifts the product off the shelf, bringing it to life
  • Drives up to four times the amount of sales from stock-only.
  • Provided and set up free of charge
  • Maximises the impule buy potential.


No hassle – we set up the stands and you sell the stock.


Call us today to take a stand.


T: 01476 576289