How can your pet help you to prosper in the year of the dog

On February 16th millions of people around the world will gather together to celebrate Chinese New Year, with 2018 being the year of the Dog. For those born in the year of the Dog typical characteristics include, being seen as independent, sincere and loyal – much like our own furry friends.

And the year ahead is also traditionally perceived to be an unlucky 12 months for those that were born in a dog year, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 and 2006.

However this year Lintbells, manufacturer of premium natural pet supplements, want to let dog owners know how your pooches can help turn your luck around and significantly help improve owners’ health and wellbeing. Making it not only the year of the dog but the year of YOU as well.

There are several ways your canine companions can benefit both your mental and physical health, from improving your heart health, keeping you fit to reducing stress; your dog does a lot more than you think.How can your pet help you to prosper in the year of the dog

Keeps you fit and active

Regular exercise is part and parcel of owning a dog, as they need to keep active with lots of walks and runs. This not only keeps them healthy but can also help to  boost your own fitness and can reduce your risk of illnesses such as high cholesterol or heart conditions. With dogs needing up to two walks a day they offer plenty of time to get outside, enjoy some fresh air and you definitely won’t struggle to hit your step count.

Reduces stress

There is a reason why you can’t help but smile when you look at your furry four-legged friend, and instantly feel more relaxed. Owning a dog is linked to reducing stress levels, lowering anxiety and even lowering blood pressure. Canine company can actually increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, the neurochemicals that form a big part of calmness and wellbeing. A survey carried out by Lintbells, of 1,000 dog owners; actually found that 86 per cent of people believed having a dog can help to bring down stress levels.

Prevents loneliness

They aren’t known as a ‘man’s best friend’ for no reason, our canine companions really do provide us with a bond like no other. You won’t need to worry about coming home to an empty house, as  your pooch will always be waiting for you at the door, and they will always be happy to see you. Not only can dogs offer a sense of security for owners, but they are also there to share the daily routine. You’ll be hard pushed to ever feel alone with your furry friend always by your side.

Improves your social life

Owning a dog can be fantastic for your social life, offering a great way to get out and meet people. Dog owners are some of the friendliest pet parents out there - they love to chat about their pooches with other like-minded individuals. So during your regular walks you won’t be short of conversation opportunities.

In the spirit of it being the year of the dog and a time for celebration, make sure you make it your dog’s best year yet and as they benefit your health and wellbeing it’s important to thank them. Adding natural supplements to their diet regularly can help improve their health and happiness and ensure they live a full life whatever their age.

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