Brightening up our homes at British Garden Centres

British Garden Centres has officially launched Christmas in all their centres across the UK and following their success, they are already seeing clear Christmas trends and success. This festive season has already seen a 30% increase in sales of Christmas Lights across British Garden Centres. 

People are lighting up all areas of their homes, whether it's for Christmas trees, garlands, around the fireplace or outdoors, this area of our Christmas departments is proving very popular this year. British Garden Centres are also proud sponsors of this year’s Illumination Street. For more information and to get involved with this fantastic competition visit: This year there's £5000 worth of prizes to be won! 

Amy Stubbs, Group Development Manager, said “We love Christmas at British Garden centres and although some suggest we start too early, we know how much our customers love our Christmas departments. Seeing the centres transform in late September and showcase their individuality really brings the magic of Christmas to each centre”. 

Brigg Garden Centre Christmas launch announcement post on Facebook had an organic reach of 180,000 people, which had a 275% increase from the 2020 announcement. 

Following their first month of sales and Christmas launches here are their top 6 best-selling Christmas trends. The top two positions account for 20% of our Christmas takings so far.  

  • Time to Remember

The traditional reds, vivid golds, and classic greens is a theme embraced worldwide and never goes out of style. The traditional theme helps create a warm and cosy ambience that will radiate through your home. It truly brings the feeling of Christmas to life.

  • A Winter’s Tale

Dreaming of a winter wonderland? The Winter’s Tale theme brings the magical snowy scenes into your home with stunning vivid blues, frosted whites, and beautiful silvers. A truly mystical colour palette perfect for any home.

  • Winter Rose

All things romance, Winter Rose is about bringing the love story and fairy-tale of Christmas to life throughout your home, with hints of classic pearl and champagne colours threaded through the stunning blush and velvet pinks with notes of magnolia. A truly gorgeous theme and style for your home this season.  

Christmas Themes from British Garden Centres
  • Sleigh Bells Ringing

A stunning mix of festive fun with hints of Scandi outdoor fees with frosty whites and silvers with rich berry reds and pine green accents. The fun gingerbread décor sits perfectly within this festive theme, to add some whimsical Christmas classics to your home. Bring the joy of Christmas home with beautiful gingerbread ornaments and scented products. 

  • Enchanted Forest

This folklore woodlands inspired theme brings the outside in with the raw green and brown shades with accents of royal purple and autumnal oranges throughout. The rustic aesthetic is really brought to life with the Enchanted Forest theme.

  • A touch of Elegance

An extravagant yet modern take on Christmas with all thing’s gold! Featuring a stunning collection of vintage gold lights with champagne, light gold, pearl, and wool white decorations with gorgeous fairy-tale features. Candles and gold painted foliage to make your home stand out this season. 

Christmas Themes from British Garden Centres

British Garden Centres Group Christmas Buyer said, “Each year we can’t wait to start planning Christmas and sourcing products to bring the magic of Christmas to our stores. We are constantly looking for new trends but also remaining faithful to the classics like Traditional and Winter”.

There are more fabulous themes throughout the group in selected centres that cater for everyone’s taste, from Victorian-era flowers to the Scandi candy cane treats. The magic of Christmas is truly at British Garden Centres this year. The garden centre group has products for each area of your home including stunning door wreaths. 

British Garden Centres has seen incredible success with their Christmas launches and have an incredibly wide variety of stock across the group. With recent stock issues across the country, British Garden Centres are proud to have not been affected and successfully launched their Christmas departments, some as early as September. 

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