Game-changing new garden hose

DIY and gardening retailers are being given an opportunity to benefit from the launch of a new kind of expanding hosepipe, the Hercul-Easy Hose, which is seen as a true game-changer for all hosepipe users—whether they’re watering the garden or washing their car.

Since expandable hoses first appeared five years ago, they have faced plenty of criticism—chiefly because of problems with bursting and their inability to expand fully in areas with low water pressure. Now, the drawbacks of those early products have been overcome by a radical new patented design and manufacturing process developed by the Easylife Group (, a London-based lifestyle solutions specialist.

The Hercul-Easy Hose not only ‘grows’ to three times its original length as soon as the water is turned on, it can expand fully with as little as 1.5 bar water pressure—making it the only expanding hose that works effectively in areas of low water pressure, or during periods when there are excessive demands on the local water system.

Users can switch the hose off between sprays, so they don’t waste any water. When the water is completely turned off, the whole hose shrinks back to its original form within a few seconds for easy storage.

Tests have shown that the Hercul-Easy Hose’s construction makes it virtually puncture-proof, Hercul-Easy Hosetear-resistant and burst-proof—enabling it to last up to ten times longer than other hoses.

A key element of its design is a unique inner layer which has a solid latex core that makes the hose extra resistant to failure.

The Hercul-Easy Hose is constructed for maximum flexibility as well as exceptional strength and durability—so users don’t have to worry about perennial hose problems such as tangles, twists and kinks. And Hercul-Easy’s all-weather webbing means it won’t corrode or crack in freezing weather.

Despite its resilient construction, the new hose is easy to handle, extremely light to carry around, and compact to store.

With suggested retail prices ranging from £14.99 to £39.99 (depending on length), the affordable Hercul-Easy Hose is available in green or blue and is available in four lengths: 25ft, 50ft, 75ft and 100ft. 

It uniquely comes with a free accessory pack that includes a seven-way spray head, a hose holder and hard-wearing half-inch and three-quarter inch tap connectors engineered from aluminium and coated with brass.

Easylife’s trade director James Oakenfold said:

“The Hercul-Easy Hose will give DIY and gardening retailers an appealing new line that provides an affordable solution for all types of hosepipe users—including customers who have small gardens or a limited amount of storage space, and those who live in low water pressure areas.”

He said:

“Because the hose is designed to last longer—it’s guaranteed for 10 years—retailers should enjoy low, or even zero, return rates … resulting in happy customers who’ll be back to spend more!”

Oakenfold added:

“The Hercul-Easy Hose also makes an ideal gift item for gardeners and DIY enthusiasts due to its low cost and unique patented design.”

DIY and gardening retailers who would like information about trade terms and prices for the Hercul-Easy Hose should contact James Oakenfold on 020 7529 8194 or via email at: