Killing these house plants would be almost impossible as recent research has revealed the toughest shrubs busy Brits should have in their homes.

Researchers from online garden centre have identified six low-maintenance house plants that can still thrive even when neglected.

While many green-fingered Brits enjoy the look and health benefits of household plants finding the time to properly look after them can be a struggle.

From the cast iron plant to a barrel cactus, there are a number of low maintenance shrubs that can be used to make households greener without the need for constant care.

A spokesperson from said: “Many house plants require a lot of attention in order to survive. It can be easy to forget to water them or make sure they have enough sunlight every day, as busy work schedules and family life can often get in the way.

“But there are a number of low-maintenance house plants that would be great for busy families who are always on the go.

“That is why we have conducted research to find the toughest plants that can adapt best to indoor environments and survive neglect.”

Here are six of the best low-maintenance house plants revealed by

Cast iron plant

This plant isn’t called ‘cast iron’ for nothing, its tolerance to shade, lack of water and neglect make it one of the toughest household shrubs out there. The dark green leather leaves are a sign of its robust ability to survive with little care and attention. The plant can grow in poorly-lit conditions and only needs to be watered once every two to three weeks.

Spider plant

This greenery can adapt to a wide range of living conditions while remaining a durable and easy-to-care for house plant. The wild long leaved shrub only needs to be watered every ten to 15 days depending on the brightness and warmth of a house.

The spider plant is a rare piece of foliage that is non-toxic to pets which means animals who accidentally nibble on one of its leaves won’t fall ill.

Aloe vera

This is one of the most popular house plants due to its contemporary good looks and low-maintenance needs. The gel inside the plant has a Six tough titans of the plant worldnumber of healing properties and can be found in a range of care products such as burn creams.

The succulent plant only needs watering twice per month as long as it’s kept near a kitchen window to be in range of indirect sunlight.

Barrel cactus

If they can survive in a desert they can probably cope on a kitchen window sill. This is one of the easiest plants to keep alive as it requires little maintenance and only needs watering once every two to three months. However, one of the few ways the prickly plant can be killed off is by over doing it with the water which can rot the roots.

Snake plant

This plant thrives on being pot bound and almost certainly does not mind being ignored as the foliage requires very little care to survive inside. The long rigid leaves can be neglected for weeks at a time and still remain fresh. The plant can adapt to low or high levels of sunlight and only needs to be watered every six weeks.

Jade plant

Considered a symbol of good luck this low-maintenance shrub could bring good fortune to households across the country. All it requires is four hours of sunlight per day and one soaking of water every month to keep the plant alive and healthy.