Green fingered Brits are being encouraged to make the most of their time spent outside this spring, as experts have revealed which gardening tasks can burn the most calories.

The team behind online garden retailer have compiled a guide to the best jobs to complete in order to benefit both homeowners’ health and their gardens.

Gardeners could burn up to 93 calories for just 15 minutes of exercise by undertaking simple lawn maintenance tasks.
Raking leaves is also a great way to tone your arms, and will burn around 60 calories per 15 minutes.

A spokesperson from  commented: “Gardening is a brilliant form of exercise for those wanting a low intensity workout.

“Alongside being incredibly beneficial for both mental and physical health, a sense of accomplishment and pride is awarded to homeowners.

“Tasks don’t necessarily need to be difficult – even simply planting shrubs and harvesting produce can-do wonders for overall health.”

Here is  ‘s top calorie burning gardening activities

Raking leaves : This is a great activity for those wanting to tone arms. Swap hands every 10 minutes in order to get an even workout on Exercise to Grow your Gardenboth arms. This also keeps the garden tidy and is a super-fast way to refresh the area without any hard work. Put the leaves in the compost pile and let them decompose, resulting in free and healthy mulch for the garden to improve futility of the soil.

60 calories per 15 minutes.

Digging and composting : This builds muscle whilst also being beneficial for the garden. Regular composting and digging up weeds will keep the lawn healthy and tidy. Double digging is intensive but highly rewarding as it increases soil drainage, raises the planting bed and improves aeration.

83 calories per 15 minutes.

Lawn maintenance : Experts recommend mowing the lawn every other week, but that depends on the frequency of the growth and the time of the year. Repetitive movement leads naturally to a calmer state of mind and focuses attention, this promotes mental wellbeing.

93 calories per 15 minutes

Planting : Early spring is the perfect time to plant new shrubs and flowers in order to be ready to bloom in summer. Shrubs improve air quality by filtering dust and pollutants. Dealing with weeds is also a full body work out, as grabbing and pulling weeds can improve grip and tone arms, whilst squatting for a long period of time defines leg muscles.

73 calories per 15 minutes.

Harvesting produce : The muscles in the back and arms will be under strain when bending over to pick up pesticide free vegetables and carry a large load. Try and incorporate squatting when bending down for maximum results giving more form to the legs.

42 calories per 15 minutes

Trimming Hedges : Using a manual cutter to trim bushes stimulates muscles in the shoulders, whilst squatting down to collect the waste works out the leg muscles. Cutting off dead branches prevents any further spread of decay to other plants so should be done on a regular basis. Hedges help frame the garden so are an important aspect of the landscape.

73 calories per 15 minutes