When considering your project, wood and metal paint can be just as effective as a masonry paint to create an individual and premium style.  To the front of your property a fresh coat of paint for railings, gates, fencing or a front door can immediately impart your style or improve curb appeal.


Painting your front door is an easy and enjoyable task. It is a one-day project that can make the world of different to the appearance of your home with only a little preparation. 

Sandtex Technical Consultant, Matthew Brown, gives a few insightful tips to get great results:


  • “When painting onto natural wood ensure surface is clean by wiping with a damp cloth soaked in methylated spirit. 
  • Make sure to sand the surface first if painting onto already coated wood. Updating your front door 
  • Use an appropriate primer that will provide a foundation for the paint to sit on.
  •  Applying an undercoat is a good idea to provide a medium film, it gives the new colour opacity and helps to cover over previously painted wood.


When painting wood or metal, Sandtex offer the perfect solution for your home’s exterior providing long lasting protection and a beautiful finish.With Sandtex’s range of colours like Pillar Box Red and Oxford Blue, that offer 10 years protection, you can both protect and enhance the look of your home


Sandtex is simple and easy to use, making it the perfect DIY companion for beginners and experts alike, guaranteeing a quality finish.


As the UK’s leading Masonry and Woodcare brands, Sandtex® and Sadolin® have been protecting our homes from the elements for a combined total of over 250 years. With years of experience and dedication inside every tin, the diverse palettes and renowned formulations create paints and stains you can trust.