Formbar are trolley and basket specialists – it is all we do.

We know it is the last task on your list but if you don’t have the right solution to suit your store and brand then your customers can not bring their purchases to your till. The better the basket or trolley the more the customers buy as they fill it to the top. So call us today to discuss your specific needs and we will have the right solution for you.

When speaking to Garden Centre owners and managers I realised they have a unique set of concerns when compared to other retailers. 

  • Indoor and Outdoor sales areas with a variety of different flooring types from tile to carpet to gravel to block paving are the number one issue.
    • Solution: Formbar has in stock a huge selection of different trolley types and wheel sizes and types to suit. We will also when necessary deliver in samples to be tested prior to a purchasing decision.
  • Sloping site where trolleys run away into product displays or cars in the carpark.
    • We can fit braked castors to the majority of our trolleys
  • A huge variety of products from the plants to dirty bags of compost to the prettiest silk scarf to breakable china gifts and so much more.
    • From smart hand baskets to easy to use strong trolley baskets to small light weight all plastic trolleys to the best garden centre trolley we have the right options to suit the centres requirements
  • Seasonality in foot fall
    • A big problem for garden centres in the peaks and troughs in customer numbers. Formbar offer a Formbar trolleypopular hire service, delivering in trolleys and baskets for use during the seasonal spikes in trade.
  • Diverse customer profile
    • Garden Centres are a popular destination for the elderly and families but always the main focus is the local gardeners who purchase plants, compost, tools and more. This is a big range for the trolleys and baskets to cope with. Formbar have a multitude of solutions ready to deliver.
  • Trolleys in need of maintenance to maximise the investment in purchasing them.
    • Formbar offers an onsite maintenance service with experienced trolley engineers who can service and repair trolleys plus fit new castors, wheels, handles etc. This service is an inexpensive way to keep a fleet of trolleys in good working order for longer.
  • Limited mainly outdoor space to store trolleys and baskets
    • Our new all plastic trolleys are manufactured from a UV stable plastic , it can be stored outside with no rust problems, they also nest tighter than the equivalent wire trolleys so more fit in one area. Our wire trolleys are all finished to the highest possible rust prevention standard. Formbar also have trolley shelters available that can be installed on site.
  • Tight budgets
    • Formbar have new, used and refurbished options available so we can find the right product to fit tight budgets.