Winter Gardening Tips


Winter is in full swing but with the coldest months still ahead of us it is worth sharing some winter gardening tips. Most of the preparation for winter will have already been done such as pruning shrubs and planting evergreens however there are still a number of things that can be done over winter to protect your plants and tools, whilst all the time preparing your garden for the spring. Here are some winter gardening tips for you to consider. 

1.          Protection from the frost.

The most important winter gardening tip is to protect your garden from the frost, as much as possible. First of all, it is best to cover plants with fabric or frost cloths. Make sure to avoid plastic. Plants such as bay, olive and lavender should all be covered during the winter months. It is especially important to cover tender crops, particularly overnight. This can be done with horticultural fleece or bubble wrap. Whilst they are more durable during the winter months, you still need to keep an eye on winter plants and vegetables to make sure they are not being affected by frost and snow. Any snow should be shoveled as soon as possible. It is not just your crops that need to be protected from the snow, but also their pots. It is a good idea to invest in frost resistant pots if you plan to keep them outside during winter. If this is not possible it is advisable to bring them indoors.Winter gardening tips

2.          Store your furniture and tools accordingly.

As your garden generally needs less attention during winter, it is a good idea to store your gardening tools to prevent any rot or damage to them. Before storing them you should make sure they are clean by scraping off any mud and dipping them in soapy water. Any metal parts would benefit from oil as this will prevent rusting. You also need to consider what you want to do with any outdoor furniture and BBQ’s. You can cover them with special breathable covers which should minimize any damage however it would be best to store them in a shed or outbuilding such as concrete garages by Lidget Compton. It is advisable to store both tools and furniture in an outbuilding over winter.

3.          Prepare for spring

Whilst there may not be much happening in your garden over winter, it is always worth preparing for spring. You will thank yourself later. As long as the soil is not waterlogged or frozen you can dig over your soil in preparation and weed areas that need it. One thing to consider over winter is whether you want a new garden layout come springtime. Winter is the time to plan ahead and begin arranging your new garden.


4.          Look out for the wildlife

It is so important to look out for the winter wildlife as it is the time when their food and water will be low. If you put out food for birds, make sure you are providing a variety as their food sources may be generally quite low due to the frost. Most importantly make sure their water supply is accessible. During colder days it is likely that their water will freeze over and they will struggle to quench their thirst. Keep an eye on your bird baths and provide them with fresh water.