Small dog on Scruffs bed in rehoming charity

Manchester-based pet bedding and accessory specialists Scruffs® have recently supported“Barking Mad Dog Rescue”, a rescue and rehoming charity based predominately in Romania.

Barking Mad Dog Rescue was formed when Hilary Anderson and Alex Shipp, travelled to Romania in a bid to understand the stray and abandoned dog problem across the country.They said: “Nothing could have prepared the Barking Mad team for the impact of seeing so many beautiful, affectionate dogs, all desperate for attention, crammed into a small shelter. Many were thin, all were full of ticks and fleas.”

Since the initial visit, the charity now has teams which visit the country every two months. Since the charity was formed, over 1000 dogs have now found new homes in both the UK and Germany. The charity also feeds around 850 dogs every day across their network of partner shelters.