Nemasys Biological ant deterrent

Ants find their way into homes, under patios, pots and plants, causing a path of devastation wherever they go.

Nemasys No Ants is a fast, effective and organic ant deterrent which moves the ants away from treated areas. It does so without causing physical harm to the pests compared to hazardous sprays or powder.

These nematodes work slightly different from other Nemasys products as they don’t physically kill the ants. When an area is treated, the ants move away from that space as they do not tolerate nematodes near their nests.

It is best to apply Nemasys No Ants when ant activity is visible – whether that’s on top of the lawn or around plant pots. To guarantee the best results for lawns, ensure it is moist and the soil temperature is above 10°C. It’s also important to make sure the lawn and the nests do not dry out for at least two weeks after applying nematodes.