As experts in consumer and seasonal trends, Creative Products has the Spring season covered with its new range of innovative products for 2018, all available for the peak gardening retail season.

Tidy borders and beds

Badger Paw Gardening Gloves have been cleverly designed to offer an innovative way to tidy up your borders and flower beds. The comfortable and durable gardening gloves feature built in ‘claws’ which make easy work of preparing and digging soil and are perfect for a range of garden tasks including planting, raking and clearing roots. The gloves are ergonomically designed and made from breathable fabric for added comfort, making them ideal for use on warmer days.

An easy fix

Offering a quick and easy way to secure plants, branches and young trees, Fast Fix Hook and Spring Garden Essentials From Creative ProductsLoop Tape combines both hook and loop parts on one piece of tape, cleverly allowing it to stick to itself. Providing a durable and reusable alternative to string, wire or regular tape, Fast Fix Hook and Loop Tape can be used to secure branches and plants and is delicate enough to use on even tender plant material. Fully waterproof and quick to fit, the tape can be used again and again, not just in the garden but also for fixing and organising items around the home.

Smart watering solutions

The perfect solution for keeping indoor and outdoor plants fed and watered while you’re away, Creative Products’ eco-friendly Aqua Save Watering Cones conserve water and are a great way to recycle plastic bottles. Compatible with most plastic drinks bottles, the cones screw tightly in place and can be used to supply a steady dose of water to plants’ roots for up to two weeks and prevent plants from becoming waterlogged.

For those looking for a more decorative option for keeping plants watered, the Aqua Save Watering Globes provide an attractive alternative. Available in packs of two with one green and one blue, the watering globes are ideal for keeping planters, pots and hanging baskets hydrated.

Stay hydrated

During a day of digging, fixing and watering in the garden, the Thermo Flask is a handy essential to quench the thirst of all that hard work. The robust stainless steel thermo bottle keeps liquids hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Perfect for use both outdoors and around the home, the Thermo Flask is ideal for picnics, walkers and campers. Not only that, the bottle has been designed to fit snugly in car cup holders, making it a great way to enjoy a hot or cold drink on the go.

A unique offering

Supported by a unique merchandising proposition, all Creative Products items come complete with a merchandising stand including integrated TV screen demonstrations and are regularly appraised by Creative Products to assess sales and change or replace products on a fully sale or return basis.

Interested retailers can contact the company on 01476 564 230 or email or visit for more information.