Pooch & Mutt grain-free wet food cartons will have your dog begging for more

Pooch & Mutt's new grain-free, natural and delicious wet food cartons are packed with fresh ingredients. Dogs can enjoy a variety of 4 tasty flavours; Turkey & Chicken, Chicken & Ocean Fish, Turkey & Duck and Chicken, Pumpkin & Pea. Each recipe uses fresh ingredients including fresh fruits and vegetables. Free from grain, cereal and gluten, the wet foods contain no artificial colours or flavours and are formulated free from GM produce. 

The new wet food cartons enforce Pooch & Mutt’s commitment to their leading role in the pet food revolution. Bringing sustainably sourced, quality food with the environment at its heart, the 100% recyclable Tetra Pak cartons are the first of their kind in UK pet food.Pooch & Mutt wet food cartons

The message behind the new wet foods is “Ditch The Can. Help The Planet” as figures show that over its lifetime, a tin can will contribute over three times as much carbon dioxide than a Tetra Pak carton containing the equivalent. “The can was invented over 200 years ago, before the invention of the bra or the ballpoint pen! It has served us well, but it’s time we move to a more environmentally friendly alternative.” Says Pooch & Mutt founder Guy Blaskey.

The cartons have 80% less global warming potential than cans and are made from 70% renewable resources.

Pooch & Mutt have recently come under fire for their Tetra Pak cartons with the Metal Packaging Manufacturer’s Association. The MPMA claim the environmental benefits of cans by quoting their recycling rates, which is a very small portion of the life cycle of a can and its related emissions. “It’s true that recycling rates are lower for cartons, but 92% of UK local authorities offer carton recycling; we just need to get this information out to people,” says Blaskey. 

Pooch & Mutt have outlined some simple truths of cartons vs cans, covering 5 key points: Raw materials, production, transportation of empty packaging and storage and transportation of final product. You can watch a short video explaining the 5 simple truths here.

Every time someone switches from a can to a carton, it saves 34 grams of Co2 emissions. Based on this, one dog enjoying Pooch & Mutt wet food cartons could help save the same Co2 emissions as planting 13 trees over their average lifetime. So far, sales of Pooch & Mutt's wet food cartons have saved the equivalent Co2 emissions of planting almost 400 trees.

You can find out more about Pooch & Mutt’s Tetra Pak cartons here. The cartons are available from www.poochandmutt.co.uk Amazon, Ocado, Waitrose and Pets At Pooch & Mutt, wet food cartonsHome. RRP: £1.89 singles - £19.99 for pack of 12 (retailer dependant).