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Introducing Evika’s unique new collection of contemporary greenhouses backed by a community that will nurture the next generation of gardeners
Engaging a new generation of gardeners while catering for the needs of experienced green-fingered enthusiasts is the ultimate challenge for retailers. If there’s one product that offers the potential to attract novices and seasoned growers alike, it’s a greenhouse. Growing under glass dramatically extends the gardening season in the UK – and while the sale of a greenhouse itself presents lucrative opportunities for stockists, savvy retailers know that numerous add-on sales opportunities await as greenhouse owners return time and time again to purchase plants and accessories as their year-round hobby flourishes.
In an age where consumers are demanding products that are stylish as they are functional, greenhouse manufacturer Evika is spearheading a revolution in growing under glass – raising the bar with a portfolio of UK-manufactured greenhouses that set a benchmark for build quality and design innovation. Evika’s mission isn’t simply to sell greenhouses, however. The company believes that the purchase of a greenhouse is just the beginning of the journey to self-discovery, and that’s why it’s welcoming owners into a soon-to-be-launched vibrant new online community that will offer a virtual forum in which gardeners share ways to grow food, cut energy consumption and live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle – with the facility to ask questions to an RHS-qualified horticultural guru. Incorporating expert growing guides and weekly updates, the online community will certainly rapidly develop into a hub for learning and sharing.
The resurgence of grow-your-own has strengthened demand for greenhouses. However, it is an emerging market – millennials – who present significant potential for greenhouse stockists. According to research by Common Sense Gardening, an initiative of the Crop Protection Association, 81% of millennial gardeners grow produce to cook, with over half growing tomatoes, strawberries, carrots and potatoes, while over a quarter grow their own herbs. The study found that 53% grew their own produce to save money, while 45% cited health benefits. Significantly, 60% of adults aged 22-37 “garden in very limited spare time as a hobby, to improve their wellbeing”. With the UK growing just 61% of the food that the nation requires, according to the National Farmers’ Union, and a rapidly expanding population that has already hit 67.5million, concerns over future food The Evika Greenhousesecurity are fuelling a resurgence of interest in self-sufficiency.
Evika is ideally positioned to help retailers tap into the emerging millennial market, while catering for seasoned gardeners, too. Alix McNeil, Evika Marketing Manager says: “It’s Evika’s belief that anyone can become self-sufficient and we have a vision to inspire and guide the next generation of growers on their journey. By creating a community for people to explore and share ways to produce their own food, and offering a new generation of contemporary, robust greenhouses that meet the needs of modern consumers, Evika is helping to boost the confidence of those who are looking to embrace self-sufficiency, live a healthier lifestyle and save money.”
The ultimate in design
Evika greenhouses have been meticulously planned and designed to incorporate a series of unique benefits that work together to position the brand as the go-to choice for consumers with a goal of self-sufficiency. At the forefront of this strategy is contemporary design – a range of greenhouses that will blend seamlessly into urban outdoor living areas as well as traditional suburban gardens.
With a strong and robust aluminium frame that’s thicker and sturdier than the industry norm, Evika greenhouses are built to last. In addition to a rock-solid frame, all greenhouses incorporate snap-fit glazing that’s strong and safe, featuring 3mm SAN (Styrene Acrylonitrile) Panel Glazing – a rigid alternative to glass that offers excellent light transmission and wind-resistance, providing consumers with peace of mind in gardens where families and kids will be playing.
When it comes to providing the ultimate growing environment for cultivating food and growing plants, Evika greenhouses lead the way. Each model features integrated wide gutters to maximise rain water collection, perfect for linking-up to water butts to capture precious rainfall for irrigating crops – a vital resource if the greenhouse is located some way from a tap. An optional rainwater kit can be supplied to make rainwater harvesting easy.
Built for busy lifestyles
It is well documented that today’s generation of gardeners lead busy lifestyles and are likely to be more time-pressed than ever before. That’s why Evika greenhouses come with automatic window openers as standard, so greenhouse openers naturally activate between 13 and 18C, regulating ventilation without any need for input from the owner. A good throughflow of air helps to control temperature and humidity levels – both essential for successful crops – and Evika greenhouses’ built-in four-blade louvres offer the ultimate in air flow control.
Further benefits enhance functionality and maximise the use of space. High eaves offer an enhanced growing area while easy slide doors with a low threshold provide easy access, reducing trip hazards. For security, Evika greenhouses come with a lockable door that’s easily secured via a key-operated lock. Every structure is supplied with an integral box section base and has been designed for easy DIY construction, incorporating corrosion-resistant fixings and making assembly a pleasure, with a build time of just six to eight hours. Fast dispatch ensures that no consumer is kept waiting for their new pride and joy, thanks to Evika’s rapid five-day delivery service.
An exciting portfolio of smart technology will also join the Evika offering in 2020, bridging the gap between nature and technology and making grow-your-own possible from your smartphone.
Premium range
Evika greenhouses, backed by a 10-year manufacturers’ guarantee as standard, have been crafted with the needs of modern consumers in mind, as small gardens at new build properties are often the norm, with space at a premium. Through innovation, Evika has introduced a stand-out range that opens up the world of greenhouse gardening to owners of compact plots, while also catering for consumers who benefit from the luxury of space.
The Evika G1 greenhouse range is a new collection of modern greenhouses, available in three sizes, that combine a blend of modern design, safety and style. The Evika G1 Mini, at just 6ft x 2ft, is the perfect solution for situations where space is at a premium, while the 6ft x 4ft Evika G1 opens up a world of opportunities in gardens where every inch of space counts. The 6ft x 8ft Evika G1 offers the ultimate under-cover growing environment in Britain’s most popular size of greenhouse. With three colour choices – pale green, squirrel grey and plain aluminium – there’s an option to suit every style of garden.
Benefits for founding members
To develop brand loyalty, Evika is encouraging consumers to become Founding Members of its community – with a package of rewards that will enhance the customer experience and develop gardeners’ confidence. Benefits of being a Founding Member include receiving a six-month print or digital subscription to Kitchen Garden magazine (worth up to £22) and a starter supply of seed courtesy of Kings Seeds. Members also benefit from exclusive offers on Evika products and will be first to receive news every time a new product is released.
To find out more about the benefits of stocking Evika greenhouses, which feature RRPs starting at £649, and to learn how Evika’s online community aims to nurture and develop a new generation of gardeners and drive retail sales, visit www.evika.co.uk