Coffee Logs

Coffee is the drink which powers many of us through the working day – but thanks to bio-bean, thousands of tonnes of the UK’s spent coffee grounds are now being transformed into a revolutionary new product to power our homes.

Coffee Logs – a carbonneutral solid fuel, ideal for woodburners, stoves and open fires – have taken the market by storm since their launch in October 2016, attracting attention from the BBC, ITV, The Sun, The Telegraph, CBS and many, many more.

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Each briquette contains the recycled grounds from 25 americanos, cappuccinos or lattes – and because of coffee’s high calorific value, these amazing logs burn hotter and for longer than wood.
And it’s not just Coffee Logs’ high performance that has made the product such a firm favourite with stove and woodburner owners – but their impeccable green credentials too.

Image removed.As Arthur Kay, the 26-year-old founder of biobean explains, Coffee Logs are a sustainable fuel that doesn’t cost the earth.

“bio-bean built the world’s first coffee recycling factory at Alconbury in Cambridgeshire, where we can process the grounds from one in ten cups of coffee drunk in the UK - and turn them into our amazing new Coffee Logs.

“Because coffee contains 20% more energy than wood, our Coffee Logs burn hotter and for longer than other fuels - while also being carbon neutral.

Our process diverts spent coffee away from landfill (where it releases potent greenhouse gases) and gives the leftovers from your latte a second life as a high-performance fuel. “All of this means that for the first time stove owners can heat their homes sustainably, effectively and for less.

Five reasons Coffee Logs are perfect for your garden centre:
• Coffee Logs are extremely popular with garden centre shoppers - and became a bestseller on Amazon within just a few weeks of listing
• Our beautifully designed recycled bag contains 16 logs. Each Coffee Log lights easily, burns for up to an hour and produces a pleasant, woody smell- all while creating significantly more heat than rival briquettes
• Coffee Logs will be backed by a significant national billboard advertising campaign this autumn, driving consumer awareness just as the nights draw in and the temperature starts to drop.
• bio-bean was founded with the belief that helping the environment shouldn’t cost the earth, so this high-quality, UK-made product is accessibly priced
• Wholesale customers can take advantage of multipallet deals ahead of the winter fuel season – and Coffee Logs are available delivered in quarter, half and full pallets.

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