Outdoor Patio Design Trends

This Summer has seen some of the hottest weather on record with heat waves galore, says Internet gardener, but for the usual British temperature, we get the odd day or so a year when our patios are used to the fullest extent. It doesn’t have to be this way though.


Your patio should be suitable for all-purpose, all-year round, outdoor entertaining. The following are some industry insights into the hottest patio items you can get your hands on to allow your outdoor area it’s maximum potential.


Masonry BBQsInternet gardener


Masonry BBQs have seen a resurgence this year and will continue to be popular in the next summers to come. Their classic design fused with contemporary technology allows them to sizzle sausages and crisp burgers to perfection whilst being a focal point of the patio. Statuesque beauty meets barbeque practicality.



Patio heaters 


We, sadly, can’t always bask in the luxury of heatwave sunshine, so when the sunsets and we return to British weather, patio heaters are often needed. Many people think of sad-looking pub smoking area heaters, but they don’t have to remind you of your local, they can fit the aesthetic of your garden with ease. Rattan patio heaters are taking off this year and will continue to be popular due to the ease in which they fit typical garden furniture and design.



Internet gardenerOn-trend outdoor lighting


Whilst practical, security flood lights don’t often fit the look many homeowners are after. Contemporary shapes and clean lines have proven to be successful within outdoor lighting currently. Less of the lantern-style outdoor fixtures are being sought after, instead cubes and cylindrical designs are taking their place.


Contemporary plant pots


In a similar vein to the outdoor lighting trend of this year, planters are following suit. If your patio and garden isn’t lined with cube planters, your greenery isn’t looking it’s best. You can combine multiple to create a wall of planters, throw some bamboo in there too and you have a zen area to offer privacy and style to your outdoor design.


Garden mirrorsInternet gardener


Once considered an old fashioned, yet quirky, addition to a garden, mirrors are becoming increasingly popular in creating spatial illusions across many gardens and homes. Parallax open window illusion mirrors make a great centerpiece in shrubbery and will always give guests something to admire and question. Mirrors are also ideal if you don’t have much garden space, they naturally extend the area and are a unique piece many gardeners miss out on.


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