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Having attended more than 30 shows in the space of six months, it’s safe to say it has been a busy summer for Vegepod!

As the show season draws to a close, the Australian manufacturer of innovative raised garden beds is riding high following an incredibly successful GLEE. At the show, the company won a Great British Growing Award, as well as being a finalist in the coveted New Product Awards for best growing container with its new Vegebag, which will be available in 2020.

Neil Urry, head of UK sales and operations for Vegepod, commented: “Our aim for the summer was to really get in front of customers and get people familiar with the Vegepod brand. We have certainly done that! The shows have been fantastic, and it’s amazing to see so many people showing an interest in our products, whilst also demonstrating a real passion and enthusiasm for GYO gardening. GLEE was incredibly successful for us. Not just with the awards and showcasing the product range, but also in building relationships with both existing and hopefully new stockists.”

Whilst for some companies in the sector this can be a quieter period for consumer activity, giving manufacturers a chance to focus on b2b retail opportunities, for Vegepod there is never a quiet moment as they enter another busy sales period. Neil explains: “Winter is a key sales time for us. The covers on our pods create perfect overwintering conditions so allow gardeners to keep growing all year round, with full protection. They are portable too so can be brought closer to the house to make gardening easier when the weather takes a turn for the worse. There are benefits all round for both customers and retailers alike with year round growing and sales opportunities.”Vegepod

Vegepods are self contained raised garden beds with a commercial grade canopy that grants full protection from the elements and pests, allowing plants to be protected all year round. The Vegepod allows for truly organic gardening, and the canopy creates a microclimate that generates amazing results and accelerates plant growth to give a bumper crops in no time!

Vegepod UK was launched in spring 2018 by husband and wife team Neil and Alex who moved to Surrey from Australia to extend the huge popularity of Vegepod in Australia to the UK.

For more information please visit www.vegepod.co.uk or contact neil@vegepod.co.uk.