Johnsons Lawn Seed see record autumn uplift

As a result of favourable temperatures across the UK in the last quarter of the year, Johnsons Lawn Seed has reported record breaking sales across its range.

The UK’s most recognisable lawn seed brand has attributed the tripling in autumn demand amongst garden retailers, to the summer’s weather which saw one of the hottest and driest summers on record. With consumers looking to repair their damaged and parched grass the demand for quality lawn seed has far outstripped traditional demand at this time of year.

A higher than average temperature for both September and early October has seen Johnsons bring forward deliveries of lawn seed and packing for retailers. From mid-September, for a six week period, packing deliveries took place seven days a week to meet demand.

This seasonal demand has been witnessed across all of Johnsons’ ranges of mixtures and sizes,including the new and improved Luxury Lawn as well as Shady Place, Lawn Thickener, General Purpose, Quick Fix and After Moss.

There has also been positive news for Johnsons’ latest lawn care innovation, Super Smart Lawn Feed, with strong pre-season orders following its launch at Glee in September. Super Smart contains a unique ingredient that cannot currently be found in any other feed - Azospirillum bacteria - which fixes nitrogen from the atmosphere to grass roots. Combined with soluble mycorrhizal fungi to increase the root system, as well as seaweed extract to provide micronutrients to the lawn, the new formula has evoked a Johnsons Lawn Seed see record autumn upliftpositive response amongst retailers who have been ordering their stock ready for Spring.
Guy Jenkins, Consumer Manager at Johnsons Lawn Seed said:  “After a long cold winter directly followed by a prolonged heatwave, lawns were put under a lot of strain this year, turning them into dry, arid tinderboxes.  However, since the autumn bank holiday, we have seen ideal seed sowing weather and consumers have been taking advantage of the warmer soil conditions to recover their lawns.  Garden centres have enjoyed a very good season for lawn seed, and for Johnsons its seen our best autumn sales ever.”

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