Johnsons Lawn Seed unveils Accelerator – the key to a lawn that germinates and establishes at speed

Johnsons Lawn Seed has unveiled a major innovation in seed treatment technology that meets the needs of consumers who increasingly demand lawns that germinate and establish quickly.

Quick Lawn with Accelerator-treated seed offers three key benefits: rapid germination; faster lawn establishment; and requires just a third of the amount of water that’s usually needed for lawn establishment. The result is a strong, thick and healthy lawn – even in cold or wet conditions.

Suitable for creating a new lawn from scratch or for overseeding, the unique Accelerator treatment contains a wetting agent that speeds-up the absorption of water by helping it to penetrate the waxy surface of a grass seed faster, spurring it into growth.

The clever technology rapidly directs a carefully formulated blend of biostimulants in the seed coating – including seaweed extract, humic acids, amino acids, micronutrients and root developers – into the seed. Not only does this get lawns off to a flying start, but it delivers 38% more grass within the first seven days, compared to non-coated seed. Once the lawn has established, growth returns to a normal level for domestic grass.

Johnsons Lawn Seed’s Guy Jenkins said: “Consumers want lawn seed that germinates quickly and establishes fast, and Quick Lawn with Johnsons Lawn Seed AcceleratorAccelerator-treated seed raises the bar by delivering unbeatable performance. The science and technology behind Accelerator represents true innovation in lawncare, resulting in a product that will help retailers to expand the lawncare category at garden centres.

“The benefits of the Accelerator treatment have been underpinned by extensive trials, which proved that the germination process gets under way faster; new lawns emerge more quickly, and consumers will get more grass for no additional efforton their part. It’s a win-win situation for both retailers and the nation’s gardeners,” Guy added.

Quick Lawn with Accelerator-treated seed is the latest innovation from DLF Seeds, the parent company of Johnsons Lawn Seed, which is spending €14million per year on research and development to create a new generation of top-performing seeds and lawncare products for consumers.

Visit Johnsons Lawn Seed at Glee (stand 8B50-C51) to be first to see Quick Lawn with Accelerator, which has an SRP of £5.65 for a 250gm pack or £9.99 for 500gm. A 1.5kg pack has an SRP of £24.95 with a large 5kg pack having an SRP of £55.99.

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