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Deco-Pak unveils a new generation of eco-friendly landscaping solutions that combine sustainability with style

Deco-Pak, the family-run garden landscaping and decorative aggregates specialist that’s committed to helping retailers inspire consumers to turn their outdoor dreams into reality, is unveiling a new collection of eco-friendly products that raise the bar in terms of commitment to environmental responsibility.

The company, which is celebrating 15 years of success, is introduced its new EcoStone collection at Glee - where Deco-Pak’s unique Retail Theatre concept will see the stand divided into four distinct themes which will focus on those trends that are impacting consumer spend the most: Sustainability, Zen & Wellness, Play, and Enhance. Utilising new product displays and complimentary products from other suppliers to demonstrate exciting cross merchandising ideas to drive sales in the coming season, the Sustainability display will offer a leading insight into products that do no harm to the world around us.

With consumers increasingly examining the green credentials of decorative aggregates at the point of purchase, EcoStone sets a new benchmark for transforming items – from recycled tyres to televisions and waste shells – into the highest quality landscaping products that meet the latest urban design trends.

Leading the line-up in the EcoStone range is Glasglo – translucent tumbled glass stones, pot topper stones and cobbles made from recycled televisions. Produced in the UK from materials once destined for landfill, Glasglo is ideal for eco-friendly consumers who are increasingly shunning weedkillers, as the material is perfect for naturally suppressing weeds. As it sparkles when wet, Glasglocreates a stunning illumination, especially Deco-Pak eco-friendly landscaping solutions - Eco-stoneswhen combined with outdoor lighting, making it a stylish alternative to traditional decorative aggregates and a real focal point in gardens.

New EcoStone Sea Shells are sourced from a whelk processing factory, with the crushed shells ideally suited to plant pot and terrarium dressing. They’re perfect for beds and borders, too, offering natural pest control for consumers who don’t want to use chemicals, with the shells deterring slugs and preventing weed growth. Continuing the eco-friendly theme, EcoStone Rubber Chippings are made from recycled tyres, repurposing waste that would have once taken hundreds of years to break down in landfill. Instead, the soft chippings can be used to create a fantastic, safe and attractive functional surfacing – ideal for areas where children will be playing – with the added bonus of preventing weed growth in beds, borders and on pathways.

With pollinators in decline worldwide, and gardeners focusing on helping bee populations, 10p from the sale of each new EcoPaveDecorative Stepping Stone, which features attractive bee designs, will be donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Made out of 30% recycled materials, the charming hexagonal-shaped collection includes Bee Kind (honey colour bee pattern), Honeycomb (honey colour, plain surface), Bee-nevolent (grey with bee pattern) and Twilight (grey, plain surface).

Deco-Pak Director, Craig Hall, says: “Environmental sustainability is at the top of consumers’ purchasing agenda, with the nation’s gardeners being some of the most eco-savvy shoppers in the retail marketplace. Introducing stylish products made from recycled materials demonstrates our clear commitment to reducing waste while meeting demand for the latest products that enhance urban design and create focal points in gardens. Our new EcoStone and EcoPave ranges are just what retail buyers are looking for – innovative products made from recycled materials. With consumers searching for genuinely sustainable landscaping solutions, Deco-Pak is committed to reducing its environmental impact by transforming unwanted materials into the highest quality landscaping and garden decoration materials.”

With concern growing over dwindling numbers of pollinators, Deco-Pak will offer retailers stylish new products that help shoppersto introduce beneficial insects to gardens. Wildlife gardening is a top priority for consumers, as habitat loss, pesticide use, pollution and climate change continue to see numbers of beneficial insects plummet in their natural environments. It is a well-documented fact that 97% of the UK’s wildflower meadows – vital pollinator habitats – have been lost since the 1930s.

In response to this concern, Deco-Pak Insect Hotels, made from quality FSC pine, bamboo and fir cones, will tap into the trend for eco-friendly and wildlife gardening, providing specialist habitats for insects such as ladybirds, butterflies and bees that are vital for pollinating flowers, fruit and vegetables. A new Butterfly Insect Hotel will provide the perfect habitat for these beautiful but threatened species, while a Bee Insect Hotel has been designed to help preserve populations of vital solitary bees. Similarly, Hive Insect Hotels, in Acorn, Circular and Bamboo designs, are made of FSC Pine and bamboo and will help solitary bees to survive and thrive in urban gardens. Display stands will further enhance the appeal and drive sales of insect hotels.

As retailers get ready to cater for consumers’ needs during the colder months, Deco-Pak’s new Alpine EcoRacer will appeal to shoppers who want to make the most of winter weather but leave only footprints in the snow, without creating a carbon footprint. The Alpine EcoRacer is an eco-sledge with an eco-pledge: it’s made from 100% recycled plastic. Manufactured in the UK, its unique jet-black appearance makes a fantastic contrast to the dazzling white of a snow-covered winter wonderland. While it’s perfect for children to enjoy during snowy days off school, the sledge will also appeal to consumers who need to pull their shopping across snow-covered paths.

Find out more about Deco-Oak's eco-friendly landscaping solutions here: www.deco-pak.co.uk