New showroom & expanded warehouse follow sales growth at STV

STV’s product portfolio now extends to more than 275 lines which generate over £36million in retail sales. The business has grown rapidly thanks to increasing demand for DIY pest control, the continued investment in new products and innovation and the business’ brand and marketing strategies which have seen The Big Cheese become the most trusted brand in the category. Further sales increases have been driven by the growth in demand for caring control of pests and wildlife. 86% of The Big Cheese range is now poison-free and 1 in 3 sales of pest control products are non-lethal solutions. 

Together with ZeroIn, the insect control brand, The Big Cheese products solve more than 10 million pest problems every year, and whilst some problems are seasonal, the range enjoys continuous year-round sales. Demand for rodent control is typically highest in autumn and winter when sales of other pest control lines may be lower; outdoor insect control is in high demand at the height of summer, whilst problems with clothes moths and bed bugs often peak in the autumn.

The Big Cheese new showroom and expanded warehouse With year-round demand and a growing pest control category, it’s no surprise that STV is looking to significantly expand operations to cope with increasing sales. They have recently opened a new warehouse and customer showroom at Brandon in Suffolk, only a few miles from their existing headquarters near Thetford. All retail distribution will operate from the new premises, whilst the original site will be expanded with additional manufacturing facilities for their growing portfolio of British-designed and manufactured products.

The new showroom and warehouse investment will allow retail customers to see the new operational efficiencies and get a hands-on and up-close look at their exciting new merchandising, promotions and product innovations for 2023. The range of unique ‘off shelf’ merchandising options has been expanded for 2023 and the best way to appreciate the opportunities they provide is to see them in a typical retail setting.

Special product stands and display crates have been created to allow a Zero In ‘shop’ to attractively merchandise a range of outdoor insect control products inThe Big Cheese STV van the heart of a garden leisure department. This is designed to encourage impulse purchase as well as providing a clearly segmented range of attractive and effective solutions to the problem of outdoor insects. There are also bespoke merchandising solutions for The Big Cheese Top 100 range, the Defenders Sprayers & Spreaders range plus a host of examples of STVs bulk display solution, the Stack-a-pack. However, the team at STV recognise that making time to visit supplier showrooms is not always easy, so for anyone unable to make the journey to see their new facilities, they have launched a new and exciting way to see their range of new products and merchandising close up.

The Big Cheese mobile showroom will tour the UK from August this year, bringing The Big Cheese, Zero In and Defenders brands right to the door of retailers all over the country. Both the new Brandon showroom and the mobile showroom will showcase The Big Cheese Top 100 DIY Pest Control lines as well as including a range of promotions and special offers. STV sales staff will also be on hand to discuss the latest developments in the pest control market.