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Yankee Candle, the world’s best loved candle™, has launched a new limited edition collection of food and drink inspired fragrances for autumn to sweeten the senses and warm the heart when it’s cold outside. 

The new Sweet Treats range features rich, indulgent, creamy scents and vibrant, colourful, fruity fragrances which are perfect for those with a sweet tooth or a thirst for something a little bit different.

Image removed.Sweet Treats have been inspired by the change of season and promise of autumn, when the nights start to darken, weather begins to change and family activities become more home focused than the summer months.

The colour palette of the range is also distinctly autumnal with vanilla, chestnut brown and burgundy red reflecting the hues of the trees as their leaves begin to change.

Vanilla Bourbon emulates the feeling of sipping a hot drink on a chilly day, laced with a dash of strong bourbon and topped with a layer of thick vanilla cream. 

Gingerbread Maple is filled with baking spices, syrup and the warm fragrance of cloves, conjuring up memories of freshly baked gingerbread cooling in the kitchen.  

Cranberry Twist is a refreshing concoction of sharp berries, a dash of fresh ginger and a hint of citrus zest, to invigorate and awaken the senses. 

Each fragrance is available in all of Yankee Candle’s six Classic candle forms including Large, Medium and Small Jar Candles, in addition to Tea lights, Votive Candles and Wax Melts. 

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If you would like more information on the new Sweet Treats limited edition collection, or any of the current products, please call the Yankee Candle Customer Care team on 0117 316 1200.